Teen Banned Book Challenge

Banned Books Week

Happy Banned Books Week, everyone!

Librarians love Banned Books Week. You'd think we'd get really irritated that people want to ban books (and, believe me, we do. SO IRRITATED.) But we love that a whole week is set aside to acknowledge some incredible books that some people feel should be hidden from the public eye.

We librarians say that everyone has the right to access books, no matter how controversial (or not) they may be, and we want YOU to make the decision for yourself to read it or not. (It's called intellectual freedom... maybe you've heard of it?)

Shall we play a game? 

So to celebrate Banned Books Week, we're issuing the Teen Banned Book Challenge. Each day of Banned Books Week beginning September 24, we'll post a different censored distorted cover of a banned or challenged YA book on all our social media accounts. DM, PM, or snap us your answer and if it's correct we'll put your name into a raffle. Teens can submit one entry for each book cover we post.* The contest will also be available in the teen area at both library locations for anyone who would rather to participate in person instead of on social media.

At the end of Banned Books Week, one entry will be randomly picked to win a hardcover copy of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and a pair of tickets to see the THUG movie for its wide release on Friday, October 19! All responses must be submitted by 5pm on Saturday, September 29 to be eligible. The winner will be announced and notified the following week.

(Naturally, we picked THUG as a prize because it's been challenged A LOT in 2017/2018. It's also flat out amazing and everyone should have the opportunity to read it.) 

Sound good? Good. Now go out there and make us proud.


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*Contest is open to teens ages 13-19 with a valid Easton Area Public Library card. 


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Teen Book Review: THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass

Teen Book Review for The Selection by Kiera Cass
by Stella S.

The Selection is a young adult book of post apocalyptic fiction about a competition for the prince’s heart in a broken future when people are separated into castes based on their wealth. And the whole country is ruled by a king. When the prince to the heir of the throne comes of age to be married, a competition is hosted at the palace to win his heart and find the next queen. A picture of every girl suggested to participate is sent to the prince. The prince makes his final decisions based on their profiles, regardless of their caste. A certain girl makes the Selection list-America. She is a five, which is a lower caste, and there very few of her in the competition. She has no idea how she made it to the palace, especially since she didn’t really want to be there in the first place. The competition unfolds and America finds her heart being pulled in two directions, one towards the kindhearted prince, Maxon, and her first fiery love, Aspen. As the competition continues, external rebel forces penetrate the palace-and, as the girls are realizing, an internal rebel force is helping them. America and the other girls are learning that this competition may not only be a competition for the crown and the prince, but for their lives, too. Along the way, America builds bonds and barriers with the other girls, developing friends and enemies, though, it’s hard to know who you can trust when you all want the same thing and some of you will do anything to get it. But one thing is for sure. If America doesn’t think something is right, she will do everything in her power to change it. And being in the Selection gives her the opportunity to change everything.

I enjoyed this book very much. I love reading young adult romantic adventures. This book is just that-not to mention the incredibly strong female characters. I admired how the author did something unique with the characters. Usually, the characters in the story always seem to do the right thing and do what is good. America may be fighting for what she thinks is right, but she also has a powerful personality and seems to act without thought or rationality. She tends to do the right thing for the wrong reason, and vice versa. Readers might even come to disrespect her at one point in the book. But this can just make a character even more dynamic and I thought it made the book more interesting. The author does a wonderful job of explaining the story happening, especially when she is describing the gigantic castle through America’s eyes. A setting so huge and intricate, and even futuristic, is challenging. But I can imagine everything perfectly. The author could probably be a bit more descriptive, but she doesn’t really need to be, because this book is a good opportunity to leave room for some of your own interpretations. The only thing I did not like about this book was that it was a bit slow moving. I do understand that it is a part of a series, the Selection series, so the author does not want anything to happen too fast or too soon. However, there were times when I did wish that things would become more fast paced and I found myself becoming a bit bored. But this is just a small problem for me. Overall, I think this book was brilliant, and trust me-you’ll want to read more.

If Stella's review makes you want to read The Selection, don't forget to look for the rest of the series!

The Elite (The Selection, #2)The One (The Selection, #3)The Heir (The Selection, #4)The Crown (The Selection, #5)



It's the moment you've all been waiting for... it's the winners of this year's Teen Summer Raffle!

All winners have been notified either by phone or via email. But Katie is super paranoid that someone might not get a message or an email went to spam. So if you think you see your name on the list but didn't receive a call/email, contact Katie at 610-258-7492 or at katiec@eastonpl.org to confirm if you're a winner.

So without further ado.... here are our winners!

$10 Barnes & Noble gift card
Linda Y.
Kira S. 
Elijah T.
Mayloni B.
Kyle D.
Jonathan Y.
Kamanay B.
Lisa J.
Chelsea M.

$25 Regal Cinema gift card
Jonna P. 
Hugo C.
Madi S.
Cruz S.
Hanning Y.

$10 iTunes gift card
Christiana S.
Patricia T.
Anthony D.
Noah T.
Sharon Z.
Jessica F.

$10 Amazon gift card
Emma C.
Francis R.
Alyssa S.
Lily R.
Lindsey R.
Ciara M.
Sarah M.
Maria S.
Kinsey W.

Grand Prize (Kindle Paperwhite + $50 Amazon gift card)
Morgan C. 

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's raffle! 

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