R.I.P. Lois Duncan

Lois Duncan, famed mystery author, Dies at 82

Teen suspense author Lois Duncan died Wednesday at her home in Florida, according to her husband Don Arquette, who posted the news on her Facebook page. She was 82. 
Long before Stephenie Meyer or John Green were dominating the YA literary world, Duncan made a name for herself in the genre with her suspense novels. Born in Philadelphia on April 28, 1934, Duncan went on to publish more than 50 children’s and young adult books, including Hotel for Dogs and I Know What You Did Last Summer, which were both adapted into films. 
The author’s writing career went in a different direction after the shooting death of her 18-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, in 1989. Kaitlyn’s case remains unsolved, leading Duncan to launch her own decades-long inquiry into the incident which she chronicled in two books, including her last, One to the Wolves, in 2013.
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