Featured Read: ROCKS FALL EVERYONE DIES by Lindsay Ribar

Let's face it.  Monday's suck.  Here's a book to put on your TBR pile for your next trip to the library!  Mondays will still suck, but at least you'll have a good book to look forward to.

Lindsay Ribar's Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

What It's About:

Aspen Quick can reach into people and steal things from them — feelings, memories, parts of their personality. Each summer, he spends a month in upstate New York with his Aunt Holly and Grandmother. The three of them have to complete a ritual called a triad that helps fix the cliff. Aspen thinks that they have to fix the cliff’s faults to save the town of Three Peaks.

This summer is different, though. This time Aspen’s two best friends — Brandy and Theo — come along. Here’s the thing: Aspen has had a crush on Brandy for three years, well before she and Theo started to date. Aspen takes things into his own hands when he takes away Brandy’s feelings for Theo so he has a chance with her.

Things become complicated when Aspen meets Leah, a girl who is immune to the reaching ritual and who was once best friends with Aspen’s now dead cousin, Heather.

That’s when things start to change for Aspen, and turns his world upside down.

Who Should Read It:

Anyone who likes a little bit of magic with their realistic stories.  

Also, this is a great read for guys!  The narrator is a seventeen year old guy and is very realistic.

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