We need help in a big, big way.

We have news for you. Ashley and Katie? Yea, we're old now. We're starting to get gray hair, we  make weird, groany noises when we try to stand up, and everything almost always aches.

So basically, what I'm saying is that we have no idea what you guys (re: teens) want. So we're asking you to do us a solid (that's old-folk slang, you wouldn't understand) and fill out this quick survey. It has to do with you and what you want during the summer.

We're really very stupid when it comes to stuff like this. But admitting you have a problem is the first step.

  • Do you like the Teen Summer Raffle? Hate it? Don't do it because it sounds stupid? Would you rather do something different instead? 
  • Do you want to win gift cards? Coupons? Books? Kindles? iPads? (Don't get too excited... we can't really afford those last two.)
  • What kinds of events would you come to at the library? Book groups? Art programs? Escape rooms? Mud wrestling? (Again, don't get your hopes up for that last one.)  

So, from the bottom of our hearts, please, please, PLEASE take our survey. We start planning this stuff in October (yes, we start planning that early) so this is kind of need-to-know information for us.




The unofficial YA Fest photo album!

We took a lot (and I mean A LOT) of pictures to capture all the fun and madness of YA Fest 2019. If you have any pictures you took at YA Fest and would like to share them with us, email them to Ashley at yafest2012@gmail.com!

You can also go to the YA Fest website for more great pictures from YA Fest 2019! 


Teen Summer Reading Winners!

It's official! Here's the list of all our Teen Summer Reading Raffle winners! Congratulations to everyone who won! 

$15 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
Skye B. 
Jordan L. 
Madi S. 
Kylee T.

$10 iTunes Gift Card
Brooklyn B.
Bethany T.

$25 Red Robin Gift Card
Emma C. 
John D. 

$10 Amazon Gift Card
Jessinea K.
Jamie L.
Bridget S.
Christiana S
Mary S.
Kinsey W. 

$15 Target Gift Card
Alyssa S.
Hannah S.
Jacob S. 
Kelsey T.

$25 Regal Cinema Gift Card
James B.
Hugo C.
Hanning Y.  

IT WAS ALIENS Bracket Challange
Luke S.


Also. Help us out by taking a quick survey about this year's Teen Summer Raffle! We'll use your feedback to plan our upcoming teen programs!