Author Spotlight: Maria Andreu!

Let’s extend our love to Maria Andreu and her debut novel: The Secret Side of Empty. Which is a super-timely piece on living as an undocumented immigrant and just attempting to find a sense of normalcy. And it sounds bloody brilliant. Don’t believe me?

Publisher’s Weekly called it “eye-opening and wrenching.”
Kirkus Reviews referred to it as “an empathetic yet gritty narrative.”

Bloody. Brilliant.

Now a mama living in Jersey, she was an undocumented immigrant herself, and at the age of twelve she wrote down in a diary how she wanted to be an author. Lo and behold, she’s done it!
Also, she named her Siamese cat Katniss. I’m going to take a minute for everyone to appreciate the pun. So when you see her at YA Fest 2017, say hi! Because she’s awesome! And has critters! And who doesn’t love critters? Especially critters named after amazing characters!

*summary taken from her website

As a straight-A student with a budding romance and loyal best friend, M.T.'s life seems as apple-pie American as her blondish hair and pale skin. But M.T. hides two facts to the contrary: her full name of Monserrat Thalia and her status as an undocumented immigrant.

With senior year of high school kicking into full swing, M.T. sees her hopes for a "normal" future unraveling. And it will take discovering a sense of trust in herself and others for M.T. to stake a claim in the life that she wants.

*Look for it on the library shelves, and if you don’t see it, reserve it!*

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