Author Spotlight: Gryffyn Phoenix

Well folks, if you're up for some otherworldly adventure with a touch of romance, give Gryffyn Phoenix's worlds a whirl. Think Narnia, then add more drama and romance, and less lions and wardrobes. Huffpo (Huffington Post, yo) called it absolutely irresistible. International bestselling author, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro called Haven Awakening "disturbing and revelationary."

Intrigued yet? Good, you should be.

Now the author herself: Gryffyn Jade Phoenix. Um....like her name would have you believe: SHE IS MAGIC. And you can meet her at YA Fest, and just hope that maybe, some of her magic will rub off on you. Behold the majestic nature of the Gryffyn and the Phoenix!

Book summaries nabbed from her website!

Haven Awakening

Some things are better left unseen.

The kids at Haven have been waiting. Legend foretold the veil-seer would lead them to victory over their sworn enemy, Helm. With her arrival comes the shocking realization that she is the one thing they never expected: a mortal.

Verity didn’t want the cornea transplant for her sixteenth birthday. She couldn’t have imagined it would make her the veil-seer, a coveted weapon in an ancient feud. Now she’s stuck trying to master her new powers, make friends, and stay alive. Having been saved by Helm too many times for comfort, Verity wonders which side she should be fighting for. The problem is something evil lurks in Haven, and the only thing it wants is for the new veil-seer to die.

Helm Abomination:

Some things are better left unseen.

Some hearts are better left unmet.

Living in Helm is a new experience for Verity, she’s the only female in a world of boys. Most of them embrace her as a potential friend, others long for her death, and one … well, one she can’t seem to pin down.

Her new possible boyfriend neglected to tell Verity there’s an ancient prophecy that foretells the end of Helm’s leader at the hands of the mortal veil-seer. A few of the boys fighting beside her feel the best way to keep Haydn alive is to make sure the veil-seer dies.

Verity barely survived her sixteenth birthday. Now she may not live to see her seventeenth.

Along with her website, you can find her on facebook and twitter! CHECK HER OUT!

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