BOOKED THIS WEEKEND with Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan

Any graphic novel/comic book reader knows you can't beat Brian K. Vaughan. I have yet to read a graphic novel of his that I didn't LOVE. So this weekend, we're spotlighting Paper Girls, a Stranger Things-esque trip back to the 1980's.

Paper Girls is part mystery, part sci-fi about four paper girls (as the name of the series would indicate) whose early morning paper route is interrupted by the arrival of space-time warping aliens. Let's be honest... that already sounds awesome, doesn't it?

What's even more awesome, these 12-year-old girls are of the rebellious type. No frilly pink baskets on their bikes, oh no. These are foul-mouthed, cigarette smoking, hockey stick wielding, walkie-talkie using girls. And I love these characters so much because they're not perfect. They have flaws, just like we all do, and as the story moves on their forced to deal with each other (and their own personal problems).

It's an insane, super fun, inter-dimensional, space-traveling joyride. And I refuse to give you any more info because that'll spoil pretty much the whole storyline.

So basically, JUST READ IT.

If you want some other graphic novels, go to our Instagram and look for our #FandomFriday posts featuring a different GN every Friday. We all love Paper Girls so much, we thought we'd give it a shout out for #FandomFriday ;)

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