YA Fest 2017 authors announced!

This year's YA Fest is five months away, and we're already off to a great start! Take a look at all the amazing authors who will be visiting the library's Palmer Branch for the library's 4th young adult festival!

Author of The Six and The Siege

Holli Anderson
Author of Out of the Dark, Out of the Pit, and Out of the Ashes
Author of The Secret Side of Empty
Author of Fairy Tale, Sleepless, Starstruck, Touched, Dead River, Drowned, and Unnatural Deeds

Hannah Barnaby
 Author of Some of the Parts and Wondershow

Michele Barrow-Belisle
 Author of Fire & Ice and Bittersweet

Selene Castrovilla
 Author of Melt and Signs of Life

Brynn Chapman
Author of Requiem Red, Boneseeker, and Boneseeker: Here Walk the Dead

Crissa Jean Chappell
 Author of Narc, More Than Good Enough, and Snowbirds

Julie Chibbaro
 Author of Into the Dangerous World and Deadly

Zoraida Cordova
 Author of Labyrinth Lost, The Vicious Deep, The Savage Blue, and The Vast and Brutal Sea

Jocelyn Davies
Author of A Beautiful Dark, A Beautiful Light, A Radiant Sky, and The Odds of Lightning

Author of Big Fat Disaster

Kimberly Giarratano
 Author of Grunge Gods & Graveyards and The Lady in Blue

Kelly Hashway
 Author of Into the Fire, Out of the Ashes, and Up in Flames

Christine Heppermann
 Author of Ask Me How I Got Here and Poisoned Apples

Jeff Hirsch
 Author of The Eleventh Plague, Magesterium, The Darkest Path, and Black River Falls

Tiffany D. Jackson
Author of Allegedly
Jeffry W. Johnston
 Author of The Truth

Brigid Kemmerer
Author of Storm, Spark, Spirit, Secret, Sacrifice, and Thicker Than Water

Demitria Lunetta
 Author of In the End, In the After, and Bad Blood

Melinda Michaels
Author of Golden

Jennifer Murgia
Author of Angel Star, Lemniscate, The Bliss, Between These Lines, Forest of Whispers, and Castle of Sighs

Christine Norris
 Author of A Curse of Ash and Iron

Nancy Ohlin
 Author of Beauty, Always Forever, Thorne Abbey, Consent, and The Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl

David Ostow
Author of The Devil and Winnie Flynn

Jenny Perinovic
Author of A Magic Dark and Bright

Gryffyn Phoenix
 Author of Haven Awakening and Hell Abomination

Stacie Ramey
 Author of The Sister Pact and The Homecoming

Danielle Rollins (aka Danielle Vega)
 Author of The Merciless, The Merciless II, Survive the Night, and Burned

Dianne Salerni
 Author of Inquisitor's Mark, The Eighth Day, The Morrigan's Curse, The Caged Graves

Tiffany Schmidt
 Author of Send Me a Sign, Bright Before Sunrise, Hold Me Like a Breath, and Break Me Like a Promise

Kieran Scott
 Author of What Waits in the Woods, Only Everything, Complete Nothing, and Something True

Victoria Scott
Author of The Collector, The Liberator, The Warrior, Fire & Flood, and Salt & Stone

Tom Tancin
Author of Hippocampus, Echinodea, Medousa, and Jericho

Kara Thomas
Author of The Darkest Corners and Little Monsters

Yvonne Ventresca
 Author of Pandemic and Black Flowers, White Lies

KM Walton
 Author of Cracked, Empty, and Ultimatum

 Author of Paper Hearts

We'll be posting about each of these authors in the months leading up to YA Fest so you can learn a little more about them before you GET TO MEET THEM. 

Now get out there and start reading all these amazing books!!

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